Staying Fit in a Time of Coronavirus

Like every other person who enjoys racing, I have been saddened over the rapid spread of this new viral scourge and the consequent cancellation of spring races.  I was registered for Operation Endurance in March and a new 24 hour Dragonfly race in April but both were postponed until 2021.  I was also looking forward to attending a knitting retreat in Massachusetts at the end of April but of course that too was cancelled.

My resulting disappointment pales in the face of the challenges faced by our health professionals who are dealing with the virus on the front lines and the financial problems of people who must deal with mounting bills and economic uncertainty over their livelihoods.

As a walker, I depend on getting outside to do several miles every morning.  Although my neighborhood lacks sidewalks, the streets are wide enough for me to walk them without running into too many people or cars, especially during the wee hours before dawn, my customary time to walk.  However, I depend, as so many of us do, on an occasional long race to thoroughly exhaust myself and raise my endorphin level.

I no longer have the determination or desire to do a long distance walk completely on my own.  I depend on races to do that, but now that option was gone.  I had to find a way to raise my heart rate and keep up my stamina.  I began to resort to playing the exercise DVDs in my collection.  Yes, I still have a huge old television that is not connected to cable or an antenna but does have a DVD and videocassette play built in it.  In fact, we have kept that old bulky television specifically so I could play those old cassettes.  I began exercising to Jazzercise and Richard Simmons and a few lesser known artists, but my favorites were the Leslie Sansone walking tapes.  I soon discovered that Ms. Sansone has a Walk at Home streaming service for under $10 a month.  After one free week of trying it out, I decided to subscribe.  That turned out to be my salvation, because I can easily do the suggested daily routine inside my house, with no equipment needed unless I want to add hand weights. She has an eclectic group of walkers with her – all ages, genders, and levels of fitness – so I feel like I’m in a class.  I often supplement the daily walk with one or more from her extensive library available to subscribers and can choose from 1 to 5 miles.  For more info, visit her website at  (This is not a paid endorsement – just my opinion, FWIW).

I’m not big into virtual races and I don’t have an elliptical or treadmill, so I will depend on my outdoor walks and my tapes and streaming to get me through these difficult times. I hope the readers of this blog stay safe and healthy as well.

4 thoughts on “Staying Fit in a Time of Coronavirus

  1. Hi! I also have used Leslie’s tapes. Can you tell me which ones you like best? How many total miles do you do with her? Thanks for your updates. I always look forward to your posts. Sincerely, Ryan

    Ryan M. Hamelin, M.Ed. St. Joseph School 15 Gould St. Wakefield, MA 781-245-2081

    • Hi Ryan,
      I have several of her DVDs, including The Big Burn (2 miles of intervals), Burn Body Fat & Sculpt Your Arms (1, 2, and 3 miles), Super Challenge (4 miles), and Walk Away the Pounds for Abs (1, 2, and 3 miles). I resort to them when my WiFi goes wonky or I lose it completely.
      For everyday walks, I’ve been mostly doing her daily routine using the app, because it provides lots of variety. I can also do any of her walks from the online library and can choose mileage, speed (some are slower than others), some use “boosted” technique (a light jog), and some use hand weights. I do from 1 to 5 miles every day, depending on my mood! Keeps me sane, thank goodness.

    • I just noticed you work in Wakefield-I used to be adult services librarian at the Beebe Library there many years ago. Also did Around the Lake races several times. Great little town.

  2. Hi!,
    I have also used Leslie’s tapes in the past.
    Can you suggest any particular sessions that you enjoy?
    Also, how many total miles are you logging with the videos?
    Thanks for continuing to blog. I look forward to reading it so much over the years.

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