Racing Goals for 2018

Before I write about my experience at Lucky 13, the one-time challenge to complete 13 marathons in 13 days, I first want to write about my racing goals for the new year. Of course, goals are always subject to change (that’s why I use the term ‘goals’ rather than ‘resolutions’) but here is what I hope to achieve in 2018.

I plan to concentrate on ultramarathons, especially timed ultras. I hope to do at least 8 timed races of at least 24 hours each. Although I only need to reach 32 miles per race to count it for my Maniac statistics, I want to try to achieve at least 50 miles in each event. In at least one of those 24-hour races, I am going to try to manage 80 miles, something I have not been able to achieve in several years. It may be a stretch but if everything comes together in one great race, it could be possible. Of course, my minimum goals in every race I do are simple – have fun, don’t die. Sounds simple, but it can sometimes be a challenge to know if or when to quit a race. That’s one reason I like te timed ultras – there is no such thing as a DNF as long as I have done at least one lap on the course.

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