A Few More Things about Sole Challenge, 2017 version

I knew as soon as I published my blog post on this race that I would probably remember several other items that should be mentioned. First, a headlamp or flashlight is critical. There are few lights on the course and several sections are completely dark. I did see some runners without lights but they must have had perfect night vision; for me, it was difficult to see the signs to turn at the curves and a flashlight helped. I always bring extra batteries, too, just in case.

This year I didn’t need medical assistance during the race, as I did in 2014, so I’m not sure if any was available. Usually there is at least one medic or EMT at a race, either as a volunteer or fellow runner, and that may indeed have been the case this year. However, had I needed emergency first aid I am not sure how I would have known how to get it or who to ask, especially during the evening hours. I was reassured by my friends Joyce and Ray who would have helped me out.

Today is Friday and healing is progressing. The blister on my right sole is still sensitive to touch but I can put weight on my foot without pain. My left ankle is more problematic; it is still swollen and sore and I cannot walk without altering my gait. I am anxious to resume my morning walks but I know it is best to be patient. I am glad there are no races on my calendar this month so I can recuperate fully.

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