My Racing Goals for 2017

I usually don’t publicize my goals in case I don’t manage to reach them but, what the heck, I am making a change this year. In 2017, I turn seventy and that is a big deal to me (and probably to most people!). I get to move to a whole new age group, 70-74, or in some races 70 and up. I think many runners and walkers don’t mind getting older, especially if it puts them in a higher age group. Competition lessens the older we get, although there will always be plenty of faster people than myself. Still, it feels good to sometimes see that I am the only female in my particular age group.

So, for 2017, the year I turn 70, my primary goal is to do at least 7 ultramarathons, completing at least 70 miles in each one. Of course, these must be timed races, and the longer the better. I am seeking 48 hour races as my preferred choice but I will try several 24 hour ones as well. If conditions are excellent and I am in good form with no injuries and as long as the weather cooperates, I can occasionally handle 70 miles in a 24 hour race. Just to give myself as many opportunities as possible to achieve this goal, I will try to sign up for as many of these timed races in the southeast as I can find.

This will be a major challenge for me but I am determined to try and achieve it!

6 thoughts on “My Racing Goals for 2017

  1. Wow! A milestone. I have every confidence that you will achieve your goal. Karolyn 

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  2. Great! The Snowdrop ultra 55 near Houston over New Years weekend is a great race. A newer, if small, 48 hour race is called “Jacklope Jam.” I’ve been in the 6 hour version the past 2 years. Warning that though the course is paved, some bits of pavement are rough (like at ultracentric).

    • I’ve thought several times about trying the Snowdrop. My only concern is the weather. I had read that some years it can be cold (and snowy or icy). I’m not sure I could handle that but I may keep it in mind as a last resort in case I need another race before the end of 2017. Never heard of the Jacklope race though. Guess I will have to check that one out.

  3. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Norman Vincent Peale

    Continually in awe of you, Marsha! Have a blessed New Year.

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