A Marathon of a Different Sort

It’s unusual for me to take a month long break from racing so you may be wondering what in the world I’ve been doing these last few weeks. The answer is simple: I’ve been babysitting. This was an event much more daunting than any ultra marathon I have ever experienced. After completing the Flying Pig 4-Way Challenge on the first weekend in May, I had a few days to relax. Then I spent almost two weeks in Tallahassee overseeing the activities of my very active and lively 4 ½ year old granddaughter while my son and his wife took a long-overdue honeymoon in Hawaii. I also had the chance to bond with my ‘granddog,’ a medium-sized mixed breed canine who was very well-behaved and gentle during our time together.
My training went by the wayside while I was watching child and dog, since it was difficult to walk both of them at the same time, especially with my arm in a splint. As a result, I resorted to walking the dog and taking some solitary walks while Julia Kate was in preschool every weekday morning. I also managed occasionally to do some 2 and 3 mile walks using my Leslie Sansone walking DVDs. In a way this enforced vacation from training was useful – it gave me time to reflect and recover. In other ways, of course, it was a true challenge. Although I had come prepared with ideas and activities, I had forgotten how difficult it can be to keep young children entertained. And of course, young Julia missed her parents a great deal; the biggest challenge I faced was trying to allay her concerns and raise her spirits. Fortunately, my husband (aka grandpa) came up over the weekend to help us out .
All is back to normal now. The honeymoon was a success and I managed to survive a wonderful marathon of a very different kind.

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