10 gifts for your favorite walker

Trying to think of some neat presents to get for the walkers you know (or perhaps for yourself)?
Here are some ideas:
1. pedometer – there are many good ones available for $10 to $50. The one I use is made by Omron and has a 7 day memory feature and keeps track of steps, calories, and miles.
2. Leslie Sansone walking videos or dvds. There are many to choose from and they are available in stores like Target as well as online from Amazon and Collage.com. Leslie uses 4 basic easy steps to ‘walk’ you through 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 mile workouts. Her latest ones even include a bit of light jogging.
3. Hand warmers – these are available in stores or online (LL Bean has 10 pairs for $10) and they really do help keep your hands warm as you walk. Even in warmer climates, the temps in winter can get pretty cold. There are also foot warmers, but I have not tried those.
4. Wrist wallet – this is a neat fleece stretchy ‘envelope’ that fits on your wrist. It has a zippered pocket so you can fit an ID card, cash, credit card, whatever and not have to worry about how to carry stuff on your walk. It sells for about $15, although I’ve seen some made of nylon for less.
5. An assortment of socks for walkers – made of breathable quickdry fabric. There are many different kinds and types so either buy the kind your walker prefers or give 2-5 pairs of different styles and let your walker decide.
6. A box of favorite energy bars or gels. If you aren’t sure which kind to get, an assortment is a great gift. I prefer the Snickers Marathon bars (probably because they taste like candy!).
7. Good books about walking. How about Susan Reynold’s inspiring “Walking Outside the Box” or Dave McGovern’s “The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking”? I plan to develop a longer list of essential books for walkers and will post soon.
8. A gift certificate to a running store so the walker can purchase good shoes or other essentials.
9. A duffle bag to carry stuff (clothes, phone, shoes, etc.) to and from the gym or races. At some of the races I’ve done, it’s possible to set up a small personal aid station and a duffle bag with things I may need during a race is the ideal thing to have.
10. A reflective mesh vest with a pocket. I wear my vest in every race I do. The race bib can be pinned to the outside of the vest and the vest worn over whatever shirt or jacket I decide to wear. Because it has reflective bars across the front and back, I can be seen in the dark by cars and other people. And it is washable (delicate cycle, cold water). I bought mine at a local running shop for about $25.
There you have it – some ideas for you and the other walkers in your life.

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